Friday 20 March 2015

We’re All Ears March Inspiration Challenge

The inspiration photos for the March Earrings Everyday challenge were macro photos of dragonflies and damselflies taken by Martin Amm, a German nature photographer. Here’s the photo that resonated most with me.

I had on hand some glass button beads in similar shades, and with a bubbly surface texture that imitated the dew on the dragonflies. Talk about a bonus!

I chose to use beading wire to make a circle shape and used 14Kt Gold Filled jump rings and ear wires.

Bubbles Earrings

The shape is imperfect, which I hope adds to the charm of the earrings.


  1. Super fun earrings! Great choice to use these glass buttons! A bonus indeed that they were in similar shades if the challenge.

  2. Those are fascinating beads. I've not seen anything like them. Wonderful earrings.

    1. They are pretty neat and nestle together nicely when strung in a "normal" manner. :-)

      Thanks Tammy

  3. I love the earrings you made!

    Greetings, Metal Bunny

  4. Sweet earrings. I love the bubble beads.

  5. Totally charming! That is actually the first picture I found but thought I would offer some additional options. These beads are so unique! Thanks for joining in the We're All Ears challenge! Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. Oh, wow, yeah you really got the dew drops down on your earrings, great job !!

  7. What a lovely pair! You've done a wonderful job for the challenge!

  8. Those bubbly glass buttons are fascinating, as are the earrings. I love the gorgeous colors in these. Very cool and unique!