Thursday, 23 February 2017

Design Wings Stretch

For the longest time my blog posts were all about jewellery though with an occasional side post, usually about my messy bench or studio. I thought I‘d show you something a little different today

I bought this mirror about 5 years ago for a spot near the basement stairs. It was hung over a bookcase and though the mirror looked fine, it was a little high and didn’t really reflect the stairwell light very well, the whole reason I got it in the first place.

 I was originally drawn to this mirror because of the pretty ironwork design. It was always hard to see though because the colour was such a flat solid colour black. It looked like this before

The mirror was always very heavy and once I got it up on the wall it stayed there, until one day last summer when it didn’t. The mounting hardware gave out under the weight and the mirror fell behind the bookcase. Luckily it went straight down without hitting the bookcase itself. And that’s where it stayed until 3 weeks ago until I finally reached my limit on the dark beige walls and decided they needed painting. That meant lots of furniture moving, including that heavy bookcase. And there sitting behind it was the mirror, not in one piece but not permanently damaged

The mirror separated into 3 pieces and all the brackets holding everything in place had bent back, allowing the 2 pieces to slip out. It also helped explain why the mirror was so heavy

The backer board that had looked very light was actually solid hardboard. I decided to do without it. Between the clips and hot glue along the edges the mirror was secured to the frame. Next I proceeded to make it pretty with Gilder’s Paste, first German Gold then Silver on top. All that pretty detail stands out now

It will get a new home in the front hall in the next few days, once good strong mounting hardware is in place that is

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Monday, 20 February 2017

We’re All Ears February Challenge

So, my computer decided it would start to misbehave Saturday morning, which means I was not able to post until I was back at work today

The inspiration for this month’s We’re All Ears Challenge is patchwork design. Erin, who sets up the Earrings Everyday monthly inspirations fell hard for all kinds of fabric patterns and colours in different designs

My selection for design inspiration is this one:

Pam Beal

Going through my stash I found polymer clay sticks by Sue Lin Tarnowski that I thought were a terrific interpretation of patchwork

The first pair are a mod black and white pattern. To them I added black Onyx rectangles, silver plated spacer beads, waxed linen and sterling silver ear wires and jump rings

Medley Earrings

The second pair of polymer sticks have the same mod pattern, in red and black this time. Staying with the same theme, I went with black Onyx faceted round beads, used different silver plated bead spacers and sterling silver ear wires again. Everything is tied together with sterling silver wires finished with messy wraps

Bricolage Earrings

Please visit the blog reveal to see what everyone else made

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Valentine Sale

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Field Colours

Enjoy the sale!

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Changing Up a Design

Way back in February of last year the Art Bead Scene Challenge was this cover art from Vogue, January 1925 edition

Simultaneous Dress next to the Simultaneous Car by Sonia Delaunay, Illustrated by George Lepape

I designed this necklace for that challenge but was never totally happy with the bail

Simultaneous Flower

I received many suggestions from everyone who joined the blog hop. After several months of thinking over all the suggestions, and the necklace getting put aside for a while, the solution popped up on my bench – some seed beads in the perfect colours that I was using in another design!

Simultaneous Flower

I strung the seed beads onto very thin wire so that they would form rows of colours on the bail. The 2 ends of the wire were wrapped tightly around the existing bail and it was done. 

The necklace is now available in my shop

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Pretty Palettes: January 2017 Challenge

The Halcraft Creative Team hosts a blog built around the jewellery supplies available at many craft stores. The intent of the blog is to provide creative ways to use the Halcraft Bead Gallery products. Once a month they host a challenge to inspire readers to create something and show it off.

For January 2017 the theme was built around the Pantone top 10 colours of the year. Everyone was encouraged to select 4 to 6 colours and create away. I decided at the last minute to give it a try. My colour selections:

  • Pale Dogwood
  • Hazelnut
  • Flame
  • Lapis Blue

I decided to go with a more modern multi strand necklace style. Originally there were to be 4 bead strands but when 1 strand was not being cooperative I switched directions, went with 3 strands and added the flower to pull everything together. Because I was such a late started I went with what I had in stock instead of going shopping

My colour choices:
  • ·         Flame in a pale variation and Hazelnut (Flower)
  • ·         Pale Dogwood (Smallest bead row)
  • ·         A tone of Hazelnut (Middle bead row)
  • ·         Lapis Blue (Longest bead row)

Fashion Report

The necklace is available in my online store here. There’s also a direct link on the photo.

Please visit the blog reveal to see what everyone else made

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Art Bead Scene Challenge, January 2017

Every month the ABS team issue an inspiration photo for their monthly challenge for participants to  create and share a design inspired by the chosen piece. For this month it was this artwork by Egon Schiele.

Field of Flowers, Egon Schiele, 1910, Chalk on Paper

Looking at all the postings on Pinterest it’s clear that a good number of participants were inspired by the shades of red throughout the painting. For me, and a large number of other participants, it was the oranges and the yellows.

Sitting on my bench were a number of lampwork beads created by Sue Kennedy of SueBeads, of which 2 sets were in the perfect colours, a creamy yellow tone and a soft orange. I went digging in my stash and found complementary bright orange ones. Note that I’m keeping it real here giving up on calling it “inventory”, at least for now

Field Colours

Remembering that I had just recently bought some colourful buttons in a destash by Lesley Watt I brought out a couple of styles to try. The large and lovely leaf button by Marla James fit the theme perfectly. Larger seed beads in a lovely matte finish, along with some glossy white ones for balance, were used to fill in the spaces, all strung on waxed linen in a complementary colour. I felt the bracelet needed more, so I used freshwater pearls dyed an orangeish colour called Maize, along with small seed beads that matched the larger ones, to add a second strand to the bracelet. I chose to run the beading thread through a couple of the lampwork beads. The 2nd strand will lay beside the 1st when worn.

While searching for the buttons I found a couple more bead sets that fit the theme, and my orange focus, perfectly.

Earth Totem

The stack of earthenware and ceramic beads in this pendant came from Linda Landig. I added a couple of faceted glass beads to the stack to give it a totem feel. The beads are all strung on waxed linen tied to a large copper ring that I made, and chose to use a copper chain to hang it from.

I love that the back of the disc was also finished. Here’s the reverse

Reverse Side, Earth Totem

This little fox with his forest leaf has been hanging out in my stash for quite some time and this challenge felt like the perfect opportunity to bring him out to play.


The fox and his little dangle were created by Lesley Watt and are glazed front and back. The colour is very true to the little foxes often spotted in the nature conservation areas immediately around here.

To the fox I added a brass spacer and a ceramic bead created by Linda Landig, both to help bring his natural forest habitat into the theme. Waxed linen in complementary colours was finished with a bronze toggle clasp

Continuing the fun I put together some Valentine earrings with lampwork hearts I had just received from Sue Kennedy this week. I used 14 Kt Gold Filled wires for all 3 pairs. The 2 orange pairs have Swarovski Crystals added to the top (the clear ones on the far right pair don’t show up well in this photo) and the red pair are finished with 14 Kt Gold Filled beads at both top and bottom

My Heart

All of these pieces are available in my online store here. There’s also a direct link on each photo.

On January 31st please visit the blog reveal to see what everyone else made

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Friday, 20 January 2017

We’re All Ears Challenge, January 2017

The last time I participated in the We’re All Ears Challenge, sponsored by the Earrings Everyday team, was last October. Although I wanted to join the November and December challenges it just did not work out.

The inspiration for this month follows their annual Colour of the Year. This time it’s the Pantone colour Greenery.

I love the colour green, especially a spring fresh shade like this one and had 2 designs planned out. I was able to complete 1.  The Muffin Tin Challenge showed me that I work better with an end date so I’ve given myself a deadline of 1 week to finish it.

Here’s the one I did complete. I like to name my designs, and of course there’s only one name that fits, Greenery.


The wonderful ceramic discs, glazed front and back, are from Linda Landig and just came in a couple of days ago. I teamed them with copper, waxed linen and some perfectly imperfect seed beads. The colour match of the discs to the seed beads is spot on. The dangles also have some copper beads added to help bring the whole design together.

I’m very happy with how these earrings came together. They are available in my shop here.

Please visit the blog reveal to see what everyone else made

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