Monday 16 March 2015

Day 16, Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge

After checking out what everyone else made I decided my original post idea probably did not fit the ask. I decided I would try to make a beaded bezel, however I’m not a bead weaver so I wanted to make a different type of bezel. I chose a Blue Goldstone GoGo Donut to add a bezel to. Because it has the large hole I wanted to make one that would wrap around the stone.

I planned to make a right angle weave piece. After 4 attempts and 4 failures I gained a new respect for anyone who works with those tiny seed Beads and turns out amazing designs.

I eventually turned to wire, stringing the seed beads onto 3 lengths of wire and wrapping and twisting to form a bail. Because the stone had some minor damage, I used a hypo cement glue to add Swarovski Crystals on top of the damaged sections. I lost the name of the colour but they remind me of black diamond colouring.

Disco Shine Pendant

My originally planned post is below.

To meet today’s challenge for a handmade bezel I decided to go with a wrapped bezel. Not sure if it qualifies but my metal working skills were not up to the timeline of the challenge.

I took a gorgeous Dogtooth Amethyst with an unusual shape and wrapped it with half round Sterling Silver wire. That unusual shape? It reminded me of an apple.

An Apple A Day Pendant

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