Thursday 19 March 2015

Day 19, Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge

The challenge for day 19 was to use rose gold in a design. I decided to try a free form vine bracelet, based on this tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Swirling Vine Bracelet

Because this was the first time I tried this pattern I made it all with non-tarnish craft wire. The instructions recommend 18 gauge wire for the frame and 20 gauge for the vine wraps.

I used gunmetal for the frame because I thought it would make the rose gold pop better, but only had 18 gauge rose gold wire. I used it for the vines anyway, though I think it cause extra distortion of the frame wire than expected, more visible in the bottom photo. The rose gold shows well in the actual bracelet, however is kind of washed out in the photos. Maybe too much adjustment of the brightness and contrast.

I added 3 glass trumpet lily flowers for fun.

I would love to get your comments on the 2 wire colours. What do you think of it?

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