Friday 9 January 2015

Lampwork Beads – Little Pieces of Art

Right from the beginning of my venture into the world of jewellery making I have been fascinated with Lampwork beads. I have been purchasing one offs from local beading stores for 4 years, occasionally using them in my creations, for example check out my MuffinTin Challenge Sunshine bracelet. Mostly though I’ve been hoarding them…

I have even tried my hand at making my own Lampwork beads at a workshop held by the CreativFestival in Toronto about 2 years ago. I have to admit that it was a major fail! I still have the “beads” that I tried to make, just couldn’t part with them either, but they won’t be used in any jewellery that’s for sure.

Lately I’ve discovered some amazing Lampwork bead artists through the many blogs that I’ve been following.  One of those blogs, Art Jewelry Elements, had a recent posting by Sue Kennedy of SueBeads that explained some glass terminology. You can read about it here.

I recently purchased a whole bunch of Lampwork beads from Sue, and they arrived today! I am so excited I just had to show off some of them.

Rustic Rainbow Disc Beads

Look at all those pretty colours! I bought 2 sets so there’s lots to play with and mix and match

Cameo Beads in Atlantis Blue

I bought 6 pairs of these beads in different shades and colours. Oh the elegant pieces I’ll be able to make with these.

Sandstone Ivory Raku Beads

The variety of colours in this pair just pulled me right in. I had to have them.

Coral Sparkle Mini Beads

I bought 4 sets of the Sparkle Minis in 3 different colours, 3 sets in matte finish and 1 set with the glossy finish. I am quite taken by this type of bead and have admired them on many websites. Sue’s photos and information convinced me it was time to get some

Banana Flower Chicklet Beads

Sweet little beads. I finally have a set. Oh the plans I have…I need about 20 more sets to fulfill them.

Earth and Ocean Large Focal Bead

And finally, I just could not resist this beautiful bead.

Gemstones and pearls will always be my first love but I have come to realize that Lampwork beads will be giving them a good run for that spot. I plan to start creating this weekend!

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