Monday 26 January 2015

Failed Crimp Opportunity

Last week I posted about the first polymer clay beads that I made, and the bracelet I used them in. I wore the bracelet the same day. It was a little big so I was already debating redoing it when I caught the bracelet on something and it ended up all over the floor, something like this... 

All because of low quality crimp beads. The one side held fast but the second side did not hold at all. And not just one, but two crimps failed.

An opportunity to start over since I wasn’t totally happy with the extra beads used in the original design anyway. The polymer clay beads were put back in a semblance of order, pony beads chosen to use as separators and a new clasp picked out. The original just didn’t work right with the wide beads.

The polymer beads were separated into sections and restrung with 2 pony beads added between each section. I slipped on the crimps and clasp and tested for size.

Once the fit was adjusted, the crimps were closed and covered up. Two crimps on each side again to be sure.

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