Monday 15 December 2014

Fitting a Show into an Office Space

Last Friday was the date for the annual Christmas Luncheon at my office, aka my bill paying job. It’s a pot luck where everyone brings in the dish of their choice, or the utensils, plates, cups, drinks, etc. For years I cooked from scratch but lately I have been bringing appetizers, i.e. pickles or cheese and crackers.

What I also bring is my jewellery. Typically it is my last “show” of the year, not really a show though. I set up a 4 foot table and cover it and my credenza with one of my booth tablecloths and lay everything out. It’s not a typical show. Except for the luncheon, and the giveaway I talked about in the 2nd Annual Bead Hoarders Blog Hop, everyone is still working away on different projects. Folks wander by to check things out and come back when they have time to really look or when they’ve decided that yes, they do want to purchase that piece they had their eye on.

I thought it would be fun to show you how a jewellery display can be squeezed into a shared cubicle. (I share the quad with some very understanding teammates, especially the one who sits directly across from me.)

Full Display Set Up

That’s my table on the right and my credenza on the left. My desk is just outside the picture. I use wire grids with removable hooks to display earrings and pendants. There is a flattened cardboard box, wrapped in light blue giftwrap, behind the pendants. Without this they would just “disappear” into the background.

Necklace side of the display
with some bracelets

I didn’t bring my necklace hanger stands this time, just laid the necklaces on the table with some on highlighted on the mannequins and busts.

A few more necklaces and lots of Bracelets

I haven’t used these trays for display in a long time, usually using them for transporting and storing between shows. This time they were just the right touch. I sold several bracelets, including the “Shimmer and Shine” button drop bracelet featured here.

A final shot of the grids loaded
with earrings and pendants

The display is a little crowded but earrings were a hot commodity anyway. I was thrilled with how many were sold.

And there you have it; a very successful casual show crammed into a tiny space.

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