Wednesday 3 December 2014

Earrings for a Custom Order

When I was at the Markham Home for the Holidays Show, November 20 – 23rd, I sold this necklace.

Sticks and Rice Necklace (Sold)
Freshwater Stick and Rice Shaped Pearls

The necklace was purchased by a lady named Sharon who loves matched sets. She requested a pair of earrings to match. Since I had none available Sharon requested that they be made with a single stick pearl in each earring. The rest of the design was left to me.

The necklace is strung on sterling silver wire and closed with a sterling silver clasp. Before making her earrings I decided to make a prototype of the design dancing in my head and chose to make them out of copper.

Sticks and Rice Earrings in Copper (Sold)

There are 6 rice pearls surrounding the stick pearl, all hung from an open circle. I’m tickled pink with how these turned out. And here is the pair I made for Sharon. I delivered them last night (turns out she lives less than 10 minutes from me). She was thrilled with them. Thanks Sharon

Sticks and Rice Earrings in Sterling Silver

Sticks and Rice Earrings in Sterling Silver

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