Sunday 27 July 2014

Sites I Like

Right from when I first started this blog, I have included links to other sites I like.  There have been almost no changes since then, except for dropping one that ended.  I like different blogs that speak to life in all its aspects

Blogs are meant to share, to inform and to tell readers things.  Mine is no different in that respect and my goal is to tell you about my adventures in jewellery design

I decided it was time to do another in depth review and see if they still fit my desired intent.  In the end I decided to drop one that went in a different direction and added another.

Please check out The Art of DoingStuff, a blog by a Canadian (like me) who likes to figure out how things work and how to do them herself.  She tries things that I never would and has more energy than me but good for her

While you’re at it, give the other sites a look too.  You never know what you’ll find.  Happy reading!

And a visual treat for you – Here’s a sample of a new line of bar necklaces and earrings I’m working on.  I will be bringing these to Kempenfest this coming weekend 

Pearl Row

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