Wednesday 28 March 2018

Art Elements March Theme - Nests

The Art Elements team have changed their monthly challenge format, going with themes now instead of component of the month. Using a theme allows participants to select their favourite art medium and create using it. The only rule is to use the theme in the creation.

For March Cathy Mendola selected nests as the theme 

I followed my favourite medium and created jewellery for the challenge. Inspired by a pretty little charm of a bird in flight I created this pendant

Nesting Pendant

Created by Melissa Trudinger, the image of the bird is sealed in resin and has the added touch of a polymer clay textured back with the word Soar impressed into it

Reverse side of pendant

The birds nest holds 6 tiny Swarovski pearls in the duskiest of greens that matches the background of the bird photo. I used 22 gage brass wire that I antiqued with gun blue before making the nest. The same wire was also put to use to make the bail. I hung the pendant from a silk and lace neck cord

I had such fun with the pendant nest that I decided to make matching earrings

Nesting Earrings

The tiny earring nests are made with the same wire and Swarovski pearls as the pendant. They were a little more difficult to make because of the ½” size but still satisfying

I had a great time making these and hope you like them too. You can find both in my online shop.

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  1. Fabulous job with the nest jewelry! I love the necklace-the pendant hanging from your nest really adds a special touch. But those little earrings are my favorite. I cannot imagine trying to create those small nests with those pearls inside.
    Thanks for playing along this month.

  2. The nests are wonderful! I can see how the bird charm was a beautiful inspiration for the set, and those tiny earrings are just adorable!

  3. Your earrings and necklace are very pretty! Very nice work on the nests!

  4. Beautifully done nest jewelry. I have not attempted a wire nest small enough for earrings. I can imagine that was a challenge. They turned out fantastic.

  5. What lovely pieces, your nests are really charming.

  6. Gorgeous set! Tiny nest earrings were well worth it. I love that pendant with the hidden word to wear close to your heart! Thank you for joining us!

  7. Thank you for playing along with us! I tried to make a wire bird nest one time and it turned out terrible. Yours are so lovely, and I love Melissa's little charm too!

  8. It was nests like these that first inspired me to try years ago :) I love the set and the pendant color on the back side, which is beautiful. If the pendant was reversible, it would make same outfits look different!

  9. What a pretty set you made! I love the the combo of your nest and the bird/soar pendant. I've never been brave enough to try a nest like that... maybe someday!

  10. Great nests Mona! I love the pendant as well, great choice!