Wednesday 26 August 2015

The Generosity of the Jewellery Community

On different sites, blogs and Facebook pages, I have often read about the generosity of the jewellery community. Whether it’s giving advice, offering encouragement, donating goods or time, many have stepped up to help.

When “one of ours” is hurting, the community is there. Sometimes it feels like a physical ache that can only be soothed by stepping up. I have both bid and offered goods to be bid on in past auctions, and been grateful to contribute in my small way.

Right now, I’m aware of 3 fundraising events, set up by the organizers to help a loved one or a friend. These are all auction based, though there are all also separate funding campaigns for anyone who wishes to contribute. Each of these causes has their own heartbreak.

I am certain there are more in the community that I’m not aware of, and, there are also so many for other deserving people. The reality though is we are all limited in what we can offer. I thought I’d tell you about the 3 I’m currently following closely, both bidding and contributing. Should you choose to check them out you may find the perfect item for yourself or for a gift for someone special to you.

1) For Genea Crivello

I'm organizing an auction event at for Genea Crivello. She's got the rug pulled out from her and could use help. Genea Beads and I go way back...she was one of my Cup of Bead Soup sponsors.
Here's how it will work:
Post a photo of a piece of jewelry or bead(s), name a BIN (or buy it now price) or an auction start price. A comment upping the auction by at least a dollar keeps you in the running. When the person wins, you post "so and so won" and message them to invoice them. Message ME for Genea's paypal.
The other way to help is buy from her site,  or

You may have to join the group in order to bid. You can always leave again after the auction.

2) For Aundrea Lansdown-Powers

Here At HighArt Destash, we're all about helping each other - Whether destashing Seymour's Horde or my own, educating ourselves & each other, or simply sending positivity to friends & members who need some...
Along those lines, maybe some of you could help our member 
Aundrea Lansdown-Powers, the daughter of another member, Lee Lansdown, as she struggles to fight Cancer & keep body & soul together...
I've already donated 3 necklaces & a pair of earrings, to help get the ball rolling...
*******Auctions for Aundrea********
Aundrea Lansdown-Powers is battling a very rare form of cancer. You can read her full story on our Auction page here:
Auctions to benefit Aundrea will be held beginning on September 12. We will conduct 48-hour-long auctions with five items being auctioned at a time. Auctions will be run consecutively until we have sold all donated items.

3) For Mark Harner

Many of you may or may not know, my brother Mark is battling bone cancer.
To my online friends: I will be hosting an online Jewelry Auction Benefit for them on Sept 13th- 15th. I will be posting BIN (Buy It Now) and Auction options.
- If you are interested in attending to purchase Handmade Artisan jewelry or know others that would, you can join or invite them to our event here, The Auction will take place here as well.
- If you would like to donate a design for this event, my family and I would be forever thankful. Please message me for mailing details.
To all my local friends, we would love for you to join us in this benefit for he and his wife Brenda Harner. He hasn't been able to work and bills are beginning to be overwhelming. To learn more about the event time & place or making a donation, click the link below.
If you know my brother, you know what a kind soul & giving heart he has. Until I was married, he was my fixer. Never asking for anything in return. Always there and giving. This is just devastating to our family and I hope you will join us in some capacity to help them through this journey.

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  1. Happy to help in what small way I can Lori. Thank you for the support you give so generously