Monday 15 June 2015

A Weekend "under the sea"

I spent Friday at my son’s university convocation ceremony, a rainy but wonderful day. So proud of him!

Saturday was a beautiful day and I spent it outside working on yard projects. Sunday was a rainy, water filled day, right from early morning until dark. It was a good day for catching up on a bunch of paperwork and blog reading. When I decided I had been sucked into the internet blog and link jumping long enough it was time to work on new designs.

First up, earrings for the Earrings Everyday June Challenge. These will be posted on Friday. One set of those earrings inspired me to make this necklace. It’s not a perfect match, instead it complements them. You’ll see what I mean in a few days.

Under the Sea Necklace (Sold)

Reverse Side, Under the Sea Necklace (Sold)

The focal is a versatile double sided porcelain charm by Marsha Neal, with a spiral on one side and a seascape on the second, and is coated with a colour called Glacier Glaze. The focal pendant is held in place with waxed cotton cords in blue and light green. Strung along the waxed cord are borosilicate glass drops in Multi Forest colour, matte Aventurine and Bamboo Corral dyed blue. Messy wraps of Sterling Silver were used to attach a sterling silver chain and closure.

Once that was done, in the mood for some almost instant gratification, I took some hammered loops that were ready and made these, earrings in different lengths, all sterling silver and with different ear wires.

Dots and Loops Earrings in Single, Double and Triple Loops

 I would love to hear, which earring length is your favourite? Do you like them short? Or longer?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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