Monday 6 April 2015

Mother's Day - Planning Ahead

Mother’s Day – It’s sneaking up quickly. Are you looking for a gift yet?

Did you know “Mothering Day” in the UK is celebrated in March? (At least that’s according to one site I googled). What if your mom isn’t into jewellery? Horrors! 

I’m playing with you, I know many people don’t really care for jewellery, so I thought I would pull together some thoughtful gifts available online. All of the items I selected are from Etsy. There are many other online marketplaces and independent sites so do explore and look further.

Is your mother into home decorating?

She may appreciate some cushion covers from Pickfair, like this lovely blue and white Ikat cover.

Perhaps a new area carpet would tickle her fancy? Something like this black and cream Greek key carpet from Jaisalmer Handloom.

Does she love plants?

A pretty pot for growing herbs or trailing flowers may be the right touch. This rustic one from Manuela Marino Ceramic is a sweet option.

Some stoneware garden markers are always appreciated by the avid gardener. Barbara Robertson will let you pick the marker names for this 5 piece set and also has a set of 3 markers in her pottery shop.

Does she like to write?

A leather journal or notebook could be the perfect gift. Beverley of La Paperie has many beautiful styles to select from.

Doesn’t need a journal? Well how about a beautiful bright pencil case instead? Gao Wenying has this cheerful red one.

Does your mother have an artist’s soul?

Sketching, drawing or painting may be what she prefers. A gorgeous sketchbook with its own leather carrying case from Erika’s Leather would be handy.

If clay is her muse try some hand crafted sculpting tools from Decapitated Penguin.

If not an artist how about an art collector?

Prints of nature inspired original artwork, like this one of a Spotted Owl by Amber Alexander, always make a great gift.

If you’re looking for something more abstract or unusual here’s a paper quilled original from Mari Fantasy Quilling.

Sculpture may be her preferred artwork

This resin and pewter sculpture of ironworkers high up on the Rockefeller Centre was created by Creative Nuts and is based on the epic photo of 1932.

For something abstract and contemporary, check out this freestanding metal sculpture from Jon Allen Metal Art.

Does cooking bring her joy?

A handsome olive wood cutting board may be just the thing. This one, from Premium Olive Wood is even heart shaped.

A new casserole dish would be a nice present. This handmade covered dish in deep browns and blues from Happy Sandman holds 40 ounces.

Is stylish shopping on her list?

A waxed cotton market tote is perfect for many a shopper. This one from Newton Supply Co has sturdy leather handles and is available in a variety of colours.

A tote with a famous landmark such as this one from Ashleigh Hodges Photo may be better suited.

Some stylish office related accessories may fit her

As a busy executive your mother may be looking for a great messenger bag. This one from Filzcraft is made of felt with leather strap handles and closure.

Many people like to have a stylish phone case to protect their smart phones. This one by Hello Nut Case hits both the professional and stylish notes appreciated by busy professionals.

We’ve reached the end of the post for today. I have tried to feature handmade products as much as possible. I hope you are inspired to find the perfect gift for your mom.

I would love to hear if any of these options sparked a successful hunt for you. 

Thanks and have a great day!

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