Sunday 13 April 2014

Jewellery Bench Mess

I have been at arts & crafts shows for the last 2 weekends, with several days prior to each one where I was busy finishing up new designs and replenishing stock.

 Today, I thought I would play a little and try my hand at designing a set of earrings based on an inspiration photo from Earrings Everyday.  It is one of a number of blogs that present inspiration ideas and regular challenges.  You may have noticed the link that showed up on my blog’s home page in the last few days?  More about that another time.

So, after spending a few minutes picking out the right colours and components, and placing my selections on my bench I realized…I have no space to work!

Remember all that organization and clean up I spoke about before?  Looks like it’s time to start over again – or to at least get into the habit of putting one project away before starting the next.

At least I figured out what happened to the one hand model I could not find last weekend...

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