Thursday 13 August 2015

You do know it’s my studio right?

First off, I’m sorry about the MIA posts. My schedule fell apart the last couple of weeks as I had something important I needed to deal with and it took me away from home base.

One of the blogs I follow is Metal Clay Artist Magazine, both the blog and Facebook versions. There is a studio clean up theme running through the posts for the last while. Some of the progress posts and comments are hilarious to read.

There are also a few contests on the go including one for studio mascots, all designed to encourage and inspire everyone in their studio clean up quests. I thought I’d show you my main studio mascot, Lucky.

This guy is about 14 years old. His coat was a dark charcoal grey when he first came home with us. Over time it has been lightening to the paler grey you see here. His muzzle is working its way to white.

Despite the serious expression you see here he is a sweetie. And, here’s where he keeps telling me “his” studio spot is.

Apparently, it’s a great napping spot

We have the discussion about who the studio belongs to regularly, and yes, he still challenges me for ownership

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

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