Friday 19 June 2015

We’re All Ears June Inspiration Challenge

The inspiration for the June Earrings Everyday challenge is based on a National Geographic article about tide pools. There are photos by Robert Sisson, as well as a painting by Karel Havlicek with the article. Erin tracked down some more artwork for inspiration photos and tied it all up together for us.

This first pair of earrings starts with these pretty blue/green glazed stoneware charms by Marie Carmen Rodriguez Martinez (Majoyal), complemented by borosilicate glass beads and 2 shades of waxed linen on sterling silver. 

Under the Sea Earrings
The inspiration was this illustration by Theo Carreras. The wispy shapes reminded me of the pattern on the charms and the blue green colours were perfect.

This illustration by Hashime Murayama was the trigger for the combination in my second pair of earrings.

I started with the white stoneware sand dollars, by Cindy Pack, that are hinted at here and there in the artwork. Then I dug up the smoky merlot ceramic rounds, also from Cindy. The colour and shading in them are a perfect match for the mussel shells in the illustration. Sadly I could not do justice to them with my photos. I used waxed cotton, in 2 colours again, to secure everything to antiqued copper jump rings and ear wires.

Mussels and Dollars Earrings

Finally, I made this pair.

Coral Hues Earrings (Sold)

The square porcelain charms, with the coral pattern, are from Marsha Neil. I paired them with freshwater pearls dyed a dark coffee and another 2 colours of waxed cotton, and finished off with antiqued copper jump rings and ear wires. The deeper colours from this final illustration were the starting point for this pair.

I really enjoyed this challenge. Having grown up in Northern Ontario I did not get to experience tide pools and loved it when I got to see one on a trip to the east coast several years ago.

Thanks for stopping by and please do see what everyone else made here.


  1. 3 lovely pairs of earrings! I love the frayed ends of the linen just like washed up fishing rope and your colour choices for each pair are gorgeous. I would be happy to wear any of these...xx

  2. Wow you made some wonderful earrings. I love the colors and designs.

  3. Lovely interpretations of the colors from the illustrations. Beautiful earrings.

  4. All the sets of earrings turned out amazing. Perfect for this months challenge. I must say "under the sea" is for me. (grin)

  5. Love all the beads you used in your designs! Wonderful job!

  6. These are all so pretty and capture the theme very well!

  7. I love the colors used here, I feel I'm looking in a tide pool! Beautiful job!

  8. Beautiful! I love the first pair especially!

  9. I love the way you used waxed linen in all your creations. I'm especially smitten by that second pair with the wonderful sand dollar charms!

  10. I really love the textures that you pulled out of each picture in the ceramic pieces. And I also love the way you tied it all together (pun intended ;-) with the waxed linen. That reminds me of the flowy seaweed! So happy that you played along with me in this challenge. Check back on July 3rd for the next We're All Ears challenge on Earrings Everyday. Enjoy the day! Erin

  11. I've been busy with an show at an Artisans Festival, customer orders and trying to rearrange the studio for my "new" to me bench and storage cabinet.

    Everyone's comments have made me feel so wonderful and I look forward to letting you each know individually.