Thursday 11 June 2015

Catching Up – April and May Polymer Clay Challenge

I fell behind in my goal of trying one new polymer clay creation each month. It’s a new medium for me, another experiment in my mixed media goal, and I allowed myself to be overwhelmed for awhile

I saw a tutorial for jewellery bowls by Laura Gummerman on The Beading Gem and though “surely I could do that”. So I gave it a try, with a selection of 2 colours of yellow, green, white and black. I made the snakes roughly to the ratio in the tutorial and twisted and rolled away. In the end I mixed my colours together a little too well. There’s a very dominant green look to my mixture.

Polymer Clay Lined Wood Bowl

Rather than make a bowl that’s all polymer, I decided to line a sweet little wooden bowl with the clay. I sanded the inside and used a bake and bond clay glue before laying the mixed clay into the bowl. The ends were trimmed up with an x-acto knife, then I baked away. I like the way the green and brown work together but feel like the bowl needs more embellishment. That may just be something to get accomplished for this month's goal.

I had lots of my colour mixture left over so I decided to practice with some new embossing textures to make earrings. In the end I have these little flower earrings which aren’t quite the samesize. They need sanding still, but aren’t too bad for a first attempt (I think). I will be keeping these as one of my learning experiments.

First attempt at flower beads
And, I’ve still got lots of the mixture left for future experimenting. Of course, I will likely change up the colour so there’s less green.

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