Wednesday 7 January 2015

The Joy of Tutorials

The jewellery community is a very generous group, constantly helping and encouraging each other and anyone interested in how to do something.

Since I started my jewellery making adventures 4 years ago my skills and knowledge have grown significantly. Back then I could not have envisioned of the designs I make and techniques I use on a regular basis now.

A good part of my growth is directly linked to the generosity of other artisans. Tutorials and how to tips are available all over the place. Today I thought I would share a few of these with you.

THEA Jewellery Flower Tendril Earrings
Leslie Watt, owner of Thea Jewellery and Thea Elements, is a talented lady who makes both jewellery for sale and jewellery components. She is a member of the Self Representing Artist Jewelry Designer group and is a contributor for the Art Jewelry Elements blog. Leslie has posted a tutorial for these pretty little Flower Tendril Earrings on her blog.

Judy Larson’s Viking Knit Bracelet
Judy Larson is a retired teacher and reader of The Beading Gem’s Journal. She is be a highly creative individual accomplished in many crafts, with many admirers. Judy does not sell her jewellery and does not have a website. Actually, she gives away most of her creations and has happily offered to share her PDF tutorials with anyone interested. This VikingKnit Bracelet is an example of her generosity. Readmore about Judy here.

Speaking of generous individuals, Pearl Blay, owner of The Bead Gem’s Journal is another such artisan. Read all about Pearl here.

Another of Rena’s Many Tutorials
Rena Klingenberg owns the Jewelry Making Journal. She has developed a forum where many jewellers, brand new to the craft and experienced, feel comfortable to go to share what they are doing, read about the trials, accomplishments, successes and, yes even failures of other artisans. They can ask questions, share tips, show off pieces they are pleased with, and generally help each other out.

Rena also shares many free tutorials like her ColorfulTassel Jewelry and, like many others, offers courses. Read more about Rena here.

Dainty Gift Tags
And now for something different, a blogger who puts the concept of recycling to good use. Claire specializes in giving new life to items that have outlived their original purpose. These DaintyGift Tags are an example of the upcycling that she does. Read more about Clairehere.

These are just some of the tutorials and tips you can find online. There are thousands more out there. Do spend some time exploring different sites, including online vendor websites. You will be amazed at what’s available.

Would I do a tutorial? Perhaps in time when I feel I’ve developed enough.

By the way…I am not sponsored by any of these sites. The opinions provided here are entirely my own.

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