Friday 2 January 2015

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

Over the past year I have been doing online exploration into different jewellery making techniques, including metal clay, metalworking, polymer clay, ceramic clay and more.

Recently I tried my hand at a few polymer clay experiments. Though not overly thrilled at some of my results – scale and proportions needing work – I decided I would continue to experiment. I signed up for the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge, hosted by Katie Oskin of Kater’sAcres

My plan is to post one new challenge creation each month. Since I still have a full time bill paying job, am actively working on expanding my online business presence, and also working on increasing the number of craft shows I am a vendor at, I won’t be able to commit to 52 weeks of creations and postings. (Sound like a bunch of excuses don’t they?) My goal of posting results once a month, mid-month, should be achievable though.

Here is the project I am starting with, some undulating discs in an Art Jewelry tutorial from Ronna Sarvas Weltman. It came in Art Jewelry Magazine's most recent newsletter.

My plan is to use a series of pretty blues, and posting my results mid-month. 

Wish me luck!

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