Wednesday 5 November 2014

Transforming a Studio – Small Scale

As mentioned on Monday, I have been planning to post about my studio clean up for awhile. Well today’s the day!  Here’s what the creative section of my studio looked like before I started

In reality, it was a much bigger mess.  I forgot to take pictures before starting to clean up. I pulled everything out and piled it everywhere!

In the second picture you can see two shelves leaning against the wall. (That’s the door to the electrical access panel behind them)

Desk almost cleaned up

The longer shelf is to go over my jewelry table, while the shorter one if for my new Cameo Silhoutte design and cutting tool. It will be mounted over my desk

Cameo Silhoutte Cutter in bottom right corner

Back on the design and creating side, here is the shelf installed, and loaded up

Because I chose not to put the wire cubbies back, not all of my reference books fit back in the space. Over the next little while I will either find a spot for them or decide I don’t really need them.  For now they are sitting on the shelving tucked by the electrical box

When I was putting everything back it became apparent very quickly that the brackets we chose for the shelving were not strong enough.  The shelf was developing a serious lean to the front. My husband came up with a quick and temporary solution by cutting scrap boards to length, placing a board on each side of the drawer units on the desk to prop the shelf up

As for the office side of the studio?  Well my desk did get cleaned up somewhat but I haven’t installed that shelf yet.  My new Cameo Silhoutte is still waiting in its box. I’ll show you that side soon

For now, it’s time to get back to making!

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