Tuesday 21 July 2015

Art Beads, Christmas in July

Somehow I got off track on my blog schedule over the first few weeks of July. It’s partly due to taking some time off my bill paying job, partly due to some big gardening jobs, rearranging my studio (still a work in progress by the way) and partly being distracted by pretty shiny things when online.

Hopefully I’ll get back on schedule now, starting with this post about my “Christmas shopping” in July. Christmas for me that is. Here’s what has come in so far. Wow!

I have been in such an Art Bead mood lately! So, details on what’s here:

Up first is this batch of Lampwork beads from Sue Kennedy of SueBeads. Sue decided not to go to Bead Fest this year and has been having a destash sale on her Facebook page. These are all so gorgeous. The photo just does not do them justice. Go check out what Sue has available.

From Jenny Davies-Reazor came these ceramic pendants and cabochon. I won the auction for them on the CABM facebook page. You can read more abount Jenny’s work on her website.

These ceramic and porcelain beauties are from Linda Landig, who hosts a destash every Wednesday on her Facebook page. There won’t be one this week though. Go over next Wednesday for the next sale.

There are two separate orders from Lesley Watt of Thea Elements in this photo. These were also all purchased through the CABM auction. Lesley also made a recent update to her Etsy shop, Thea Elements that you need to check out. The new variety of beads and focals is wonderful!

And the final photo is for some lovely polymer clay beads and charms from Dreams and Elements. These were actually a prize for my entry in the June blog hop for the monthly Art Bead Scene inspiration challenge. The challenge is a lot of fun and often stretches artistic boundaries for participants.

One of the perks of purchasing art beads from the creators is that they will often include an extra bead or gift in the package as a way of saying thanks for the support. Some of the ones above were such gifts and although they aren’t necessary, it sure is special to receive them.

I have made more purchases and am waiting for the mailman to bring those packages. Actually, it occurred to me that maybe I was going a little overboard with the buying. Never I say! There are just too many pretty things to add to my collection inventory. I do need to start making again though, otherwise I won’t be able to afford more.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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