Thursday 26 February 2015

Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge

This March, is running a brand new 30Day Bead Challenge to celebrate National Craft Month!

A new project is scheduled for every day. Check out the Challenge Calendar below and online. They encourage everyone to start preparing projects ahead of the scheduled day.

The first challenge is a favourite of many artisans – a pair of fabulous earrings!

There are lots of inspiration ideas on the Fusion Bead website to help you get going. Share your creations on their Facebook link, and in your own blog or site. See what other artisans are posting too.

I am giving the challenge a try. It will be interesting to see if I succeed in posting every day. I haven’t yet figured out how I will present everything on my blog but am bouncing a few ideas around. Come back on March 1st and every day throughout March to have a peek.

 Note: I am not affiliated with nor do I have a relationship with Fusion Beads. I just thought this would be fun and all opinions and comments are my own.

Have a Great Challenge!

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