Monday 3 November 2014

Getting Back on Track

I have been MIA from my blog, pretty much since the middle of August.  Only 3 posts since then, 2 of them very brief.

It seems I hit what many bloggers go through, burnout.  It has been a bit of a stressful year with much going on at home, a rethink of the direction of my artisan business and instincts, and a weariness from too much happening at my bill paying job too.

I have been planning to post about my studio clean up and redesign for about 6 weeks now.  Unfortunately it has also taken 6 weeks for that to move forward.  I feel that things are getting back on track now and will tell you all about that on Wednesday.

A goal that I’ve set myself is to post on a regular basis, but a little less randomly.  My plan is to have regular updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  There may still be the odd post in between but this is what I will be working toward.

See you on Wednesday with fun pictures of the studio transformation from clean up. 

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