Friday 30 May 2014

Reveal: Stinky Dog Beads Challenge and Blog Hop

Here it is, the reveal for the Stinky Dog Beads Challenge and Blog Hop, co-sponsored by Lorelei Huerto.  You may recall from my earlier post that this challenge is centered on a small kit that each participant purchases and uses as the starting point for their designs.  As a reminder, here are the beads from the kit:

And here is the first item:

Teal Impressions in Flight (Sold)

I decided to make this necklace asymmetrical to better show off all the beautiful beads.  From the Stinky Beads kit I used the Mykonos Bird Charm, 2 of the Mykonos green patina Leaf Charms and the 4 extra large English Cut Blue Luster Beads.  From my studio supplies I added a copper chain and toggle clasp, large Freshwater Pearls dyed pink blush and tiny seed beads to match the Blue Luster beads.  I’m happy with how it came together and will post the necklace in my store once I clean up the pictures a bit.

Next, a pair of charming earrings:

Swinging Flowers (Sold)

I made these earrings using the beautiful matte teal Reproduction Floral double drilled Ovals, the remaining 2 Mikonos Leaf Charms, the same Freshwater Pearls as in the necklace and more copper.  I took 20 gauge pure copper wire, formed the half round at the top to the right size, hammered them flat then added the glass ovals.  I originally planned to make copper ovals for the bottom side but couldn’t quite get them to work.  Instead I made simple wire wrapped loops and hung one Leaf Charm and one Freshwater Pearl from each loop

Finally, I branched out into a different colour direction, blue and garnet:

Bee Flight

This bracelet contains the pretty little Bee Bead, the antique silver Braided Wreath connector and the Garnet Stone Chain.  The clasp is a charming Swan lobster clasp that came as a thank you gift in my package, along with all the extra items I ordered, from Stinky Dog Beads.   From my collection I added large hole Sodalite beads and glass spacer beads with blue and gold hues to complement the beads.  I used Waxed Cotton Cord to string the beads and bee on and to hold the wreath connector in place.

So, what did I not use?  The Mykonos green patina Bead Cones and Silver Bar / Button beads.  I’m saving these to play with another time, along with my other purchases from Stinky Dog.

All of these pieces will appear in my store in the next few days, as soon as I clean up the remaining pictures that is

Now, have some fun checking out what the other participants made:


  1. Lovely pieces! I love them all. The bee bracelet is darling!

  2. Very pretty. The English cut beads just seem to go so beautifully with pearls, I couldn't resist doing it either. I loved this challenge, and had so much fun, I hope you did too!

  3. Lovely pieces all! I love how you used the braided circle and the bead together - beautiful!

  4. That bee bracelet is the bomb! I also love the pearls with the cut beads - not something I would've thought of but they go wonderfully.

  5. You made some great designs, I love seeing what everyone does with the bee charm and the wreath!

  6. I really love swinging flowers earrings. Beautiful designs and a fun challenge.

  7. Lovely, lovely! I really like all your pieces. I love the first necklace - so beautiful! But it's all great.

  8. Awesome, I love the creamy pearls you used;)

  9. What an inspired use of those beautiful two-hole glass beads! I absolutely loved those but have only managed to use one so far. And I love your use of pearls. They work beautifully with the components.

  10. Thanks everyone. This was a fun challenge.