Wednesday 1 May 2013

A New Tent = A New Look For My Booth

Last year was my first full year selling at craft shows.  Not knowing how it would work out, I decided to start with a basic, entry level tent.  It worked well enough but I had issues fairly quickly.  By the end of the last show some of the roof struts gave out.

They do say you get what you pay for but it did look pretty to start with.
Booth Set Up at my First Outdoor Show – It’s come a long way since!

My new tent?  A lovely Ez Up brand tent, the Eclipse II model.  In keeping with standard craft show requirements it’s white again.  Show organizers are very specific on what they want their show grounds to look like and white tents are the standard.  The advantage to a white tent is that the inside can be decorated however the artisan would like.  Plus, a white tent does not change the colour of the products inside, a very important advantage!

Ez Up Eclipse II

Here’s a picture of what the new tent will look like.  Not much right?  It’s the bones of the tent that make the difference.  No more bent frame, no more zipper issues, and no unwanted plastic windows.

This is going to be fun!

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