Saturday 9 February 2013

Snow and More Snow

How did you fare with the weather yesterday?  If you are on the east coast, it’s probably not great because the storm hasn’t stopped yet.
North of Toronto, we had lots of snow but seemed to fare not too bad otherwise.  My full-time, pay the bills workplace is very accommodating, so I was able to stay put and work from home.  Despite the weather it was a non-stop day of conference calls, instant messaging, live meeting links, and document sharing to meet deadlines and produce updates to projects.
This week my husband is the emergency on-call manager for his company so he was in the office by 6:30 yesterday morning.  He said traffic was pretty good then!
I decided to measure how much snow landed here.  We got 13 inches (33 cm).  Thankfully it was a fluffy snow, not a lot of extra water in it.  We cleaned up the driveway and walking areas fairly quickly.
When we stopped cleaning up and caught our breath, the beauty of Nature was apparent.

Hidden at the bottom of these pine trees is a small pond.  It is widely used by the local wildlife and after these pictures were taken, my husband went out in his big felt lined rubber boots to make sure it was still accessible.  (The snow went right to the top of those boots.)  Up in the trees, dozens of birds waited until he was done.  The small animals will have to follow his path or make their own tunnels to get to the water.

Wherever you live I hope you are well and able to enjoy your day.

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