Sunday 9 April 2017

Feathered Waves – A New Approach

Way back in August of last year I made this necklace for the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge

I was never totally happy with the necklace. The overall concept was good enough but the pieces just did not add up and didn’t do justice to the large feather. What wasn’t working for me?

The shiny smooth silver plated bail that held the blue iris pendulum bail didn’t fit in with the organic look of the necklace
The one strand of seed beads for the neck cord was just wimpy looking
The toggle bail was too large for that little strand of seed beads

This weekend I took the time to redo the necklace. Now it looks like this

I added 2 more strands of seed beads to the necklace, replaced the bail with one made out of seed beads, making it blend in better and added a silver plated chain to give the wearer options in the length. I also replaced the toggle clasp with a simpler lobster clasp. It fits much better with the size of the seed bead strands

Feathered Waves

The necklace is available in my shop here

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