Sunday 19 March 2017

Bohemian Inspired Jewellery

Just over 3 weeks ago Michelle McCarthy from the Art Bead Scene team wrote about exploring Bohemian design, using the book Bohemian Inspired Jewelry by Lorelei Euro and Erin Siegel. Michelle received permission to use a design and interpret it in her own way. 

Buoyed by that success she invited readers to join along and try our hand at interpreting Lorelei’s necklace The Beach House

Lorelei Eurto’s The Beach House Necklace
The design is one I’ve seen previously used, most likely in Lorelei’s designs. I liked the idea of playing along but did not want to just make a copy. Instead I gave it my own spin

My design may not be quite so bohemian but I think it still fits in, with natural elements brought in by the 3 different types of Picasso Jasper, all in a natural grey colour, and the Bamboo Corral spacers dyed a bright red

With a Flash Necklace

Add to that the rustic stoneware flower from Lisa Peters, glazed red in a raku firing which allows the natural black clay to shine through

The flower was the inspiration for the pops of red which also show up in the strand of farfalle, or peanut, beads. The colour theme was maintained in the black and steel peanut beads, the black leather cording and the fasteners, a large antiqued silver plated lobster clasp and an aluminum hoop, originally a ring. I used red wire to wrap the leather cording and silver plated jump rings to tie everything together.

In planning the design I was looking at going monochromatic with just black and metallic steel colours, until I decided a pop of colour was called for. All in all this was a fun challenge with a design that came together well, though it took a longer to execute than I expected

This necklace will be going to the Dufferin County Museum where I will be one of several artisans featured in their gift shop from April 3rd until Sept 5th

Please visit the ABS site and keep an eye for the blog reveal in the next few days to see what everyone else made

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