Wednesday 1 February 2017

Changing Up a Design

Way back in February of last year the Art Bead Scene Challenge was this cover art from Vogue, January 1925 edition

Simultaneous Dress next to the Simultaneous Car by Sonia Delaunay, Illustrated by George Lepape

I designed this necklace for that challenge but was never totally happy with the bail

Simultaneous Flower

I received many suggestions from everyone who joined the blog hop. After several months of thinking over all the suggestions, and the necklace getting put aside for a while, the solution popped up on my bench – some seed beads in the perfect colours that I was using in another design!

Simultaneous Flower

I strung the seed beads onto very thin wire so that they would form rows of colours on the bail. The 2 ends of the wire were wrapped tightly around the existing bail and it was done. 

The necklace is now available in my shop

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