Monday 22 December 2014

Did You See These?

I’m still making my way through all the blogs for the participants of the 3 blog hops that I joined till now this month, 2ndAnnual Bead Hoarders Blog Hop hosted by Lori Anderson, Michael’sBeading Challenge Blog Hop courtesy of Heather Powers and Lorelei Euro and We’re All Ears December Challenge sponsored by the amazing women at Earrings Everyday.

Three busy blog hops with many pretty things to see. Some were made for gifts, some for the maker and some are for sale (or sold already – darn it).

Here are some of my favourites, from the hosts themselves. By no means are these all of my favourites. There are so many on the blogs for the artisans who linked in.

BlueCharm Bracelet by Lori Anderson
Winter Necklace by Heather Powers

WorkingParts Earrings by Erin Prais-Hintz

The items that I made for the fundraising draw and my friends are safely distributed. The ones not given away are now posted in my shop.

Giftfrom the Heart, Polymer Clay Pendant (Sold)

FrostedPines Necklace

Rhythmand Waves Earrings

Do take some time to check out the blog posts for the 3 challenges. You may just find your perfect treasure.

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