Friday 9 May 2014

Personal Challenge – 31 Postings in 31 Days

With everything that has been happening this year, I was neglecting my online store a little too much.  The postings were stale to say the least

Well, I decided this was not good.  A little slow on the uptake sometimes it seems.  Oh, I had posted a few things but not nearly enough for the amount of time that’s passed.

So…I have given myself a challenge, 31 new postings in 31 days.  Of course I ended up being late off the mark on this one too.  I didn’t make the decision until Sunday which is when the first posting went up.  Only 3 behind right off the mark!

Well, today I am back on schedule – 9 days and 9 postings done.  Only 22 more to go to reach my goal.  It should be fun!

Here are some of the items already posted.  Check them out.  They are available to purchase in my store.  

Purple All Around (Sold)
Amethyst, Lepidolite, Sterling Silver

Monet's Garden
Lampwork Beads, Lapis and Matte Aventurine
14 Kt Gold
Lavender Circles (Sold)
Lavender and Bright Fuchsia Freshwater Pearls

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