Sunday 25 May 2014

Coming Soon – Stinky Dog Beads Blog Hop and Challenge

Blog hops and challenges can become addictive.  I have seen some blogs where the blog owners are constantly participating in challenges, or at least their posts are all about the challenges they participate in

I don’t quite plan to follow that path.  The blog hops and challenges are fun and help me stretch in design and abilities so I will definitely be continuing to participate, but just a few

A one-time hop and challenge is the Stinky Dog Beads Blog Hop and Challenge, co-sponsored by Lorelei Huerto.  This one is centered on a small kit that each participant purchases and uses as the starting point for their designs.  At least some of the beads in the kit must be used.  Each participant can also add or substitute some of their own beads, and can make as many pieces as they want

The reveal for the blog hop is on May 30th 

Here are the beads from the kit:

Each kit contains:

  • 1 Braided Wreath Connector
  • 1 Brass Bee Bead
  • 4 Faceted Teal English Cut Extra-large Nuggets
  • 2 Matte Teal Reproduction Floral Double Drilled Glass Ovals
  • 1 Foot of Garnet Stone Chain
  • 2 Mykonos Bead Cones
  • 1 Mykonos Bird Charm/Pendant
  • 4 Mykonos Cast Leaf Charms
  • 4 Mykonos Silver Bar/Button Beads

Here’s another view of the kit:

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