Sunday 31 March 2013

Computer Improvements

So my computer problems last Sunday turned into a goodbye.  My baby was not salvageable.  My personal geek squad son came home for the weekend and gave the verdict.  He took her apart, cleaned things, moved thingamabobs, dohickeys and whatnot’s around, looked the motherboard up and down searching for the problem before pronouncing the verdict.

Since baby had been having problems for awhile I had put funds aside, just in case.  After chatting about how I use the computer and what my needs are, he and I went out on Saturday and bought a nice laptop.

The rest of the day was spent transferring data from baby’s hard drive to the laptop and playing with the laptop and new programs to learn how everything works.  I’m using a 30 day trial version of MS Office Pro right now.  It’s taking a bit to adjust.  I use Office 7.0 at work but my home PC was still running on XP!
With all of that, I have not had much chance to work on a new subject so more to come in April.
Now, for a good name for the pretty little thing!

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