Sunday 24 March 2013

Computer Challenges

Not a happy day for me!  My computer has decided to pick today to act up.  Except for the light turning blue, nothing happens.  My baby won't start up!  Nothing will run, not a single little bleep or code line.  No blue screen of death - does that still happen anymore?

The biggest problem is that most of my files are still stored on the hard drive.  I forgot to do a back up to our external hard drive!

And here I'm trying to get the last few applications for fall and Christmas shows out the door...arghhh....

It looks like I may be without my own computer until at least Thursday.  That's when my personal geek squad, my son, comes home for Easter.  Hopefully it will be something minor and he can fix it.  If not it looks like it'll be bye bye baby.

So, no pretties to show, no info to pass on, no news.  I hope your weekend was good though.

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