Thursday 18 January 2018

An Unplanned Absence

Wow. That was a long silence. I didn’t expect to be away from everything for so long but I was busy with a massive gardening project that I worked on until the end of October. And the worst part is it still isn’t finished. I just couldn’t do anymore. I needed a break

All that work caused new injuries to both of the rotator cuffs in my shoulders. I had injured them years ago when doing a lot of home renovations and painting.  With the new damage I couldn’t spend a lot of time doing anything

All that forced idleness just totally destroyed my design mojo. My muse took a long protracted vacation. I wanted to join in several fun blog challenges and group exchanges but could not muster up any ideas or enthusiasm

Finally, in mid-November, I started to feel the itch to create again, but not for creating jewellery. Since Christmas was coming I decided to put that spark to use and made this wreath for the dining room. The odd shape of the chandelier always made this an impossible task before. This time I came up with the idea to use the outside of an embroidery hoop for the top wreath and essentially hung everything from the top of the chain instead of trying to use the arms of the chandelier.

My homemade and extremely light chandelier decor

After Christmas was over and after putting away all the wreaths and outdoor décor everything felt too empty. The wall beside the door was a big blank beige slab of ugly bricks. So I had fun and made this winter wreath. The inspiration for it is not mine but the interpretation is. Here’s the link to the wreath that jump started mine, Two Junk Chix: Snowball Wreath

Snowball Wreath

Looking around inside again, I was missing the cheerfulness of the Christmas decorations and decided to bring some winter décor back inside. This very fun, but very roughly made, star wall hanging is an interpretation of the one from the book “Scandinavian Gatherings, From Afternoon Fika to Midsummer Feast”, from author Melissa Bahen, the creator of Lulu The Baker. The photo is dark because I couldn't get good lighting

Fun little wall hanging

I am working towards participating in a few blog challenges this month, perhaps a slow start and we’ll see how things go

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day

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