Monday 5 October 2015

He’s a Silly Cat

Do you remember seeing this boy? About 2 months ago? He was claiming my bench as his resting spot. Here he is in the arms of one of his favourite people, my daughter Allie.

Lucky has decided he needs to do more exploring of the house.

A couple of weeks ago Allie was home from college for the weekend. We were chatting away, taking some of her laundry out of the dryer when this happened.

All of a sudden he just hopped right up into the dryer, even got comfortable and lay down in the warm clothes.

It took quite a bit of coaxing to try to get him to come back out. Eventually we ended up reaching in and pulling Lucky out. For the rest of that day’s laundry chores it was a battle to keep him out of the dryer.

Since that day, he does like to check out the dryer but I have been able to discourage him from getting into it. Maybe it’s a good thing that my washer is a top loading washer.

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