Tuesday 8 September 2015

Art Inspiration Journaling

I’ve read about the concept of maintaining an art inspiration journal many times.  My first exposure was this blog post that I found way back in 2012.

My very first post was a record of the date I started my art journal.

My intention was to post or paste in something every day, an existing piece, a quote, image, scene, little piece of “something”, whatever triggered a glimmer of inspiring thought or thread of “maybe I can…”

I even designed a cover and used up a bunch of flat back plastic rhinestones to jazz up the cover.

That lasted about 2 weeks before I got busy with something, probably tax season. The book was put aside, then ended up being buried in a pile of papers. Did I ever tell you how good I am at making piles of paper that need to be “dealt with”?

Though I did eventually locate it again in one of my cleanup whirlwinds I kept looking at it with a guilty feeling, thinking I should be doing this, capturing my thoughts and design ideas. After all I had lost track of so many over time.

I decided last week it was time to try again. Finally. This time though, I’m doing things differently. I’m not expecting to write or draw every day, am relying less on other artists designs as a takeoff point, allowing my creative spark to follow a flow that has evolved over the last couple of years.

So, here’s my “new” first post as well as a peak at the write up for the first set of designs.

Have you or do you now have a journal of ideas or inspiration? How do you keep it fresh and relevant? I have a feeling this will continue to be the hardest part.

Wish me luck.

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