Sunday 10 August 2014

Misadventures of Working Outside

The weather was beautiful this weekend.  I spent a good part of the day on Saturday outside having fun.  This morning I needed to spend some time making silk cords and chains for pendants so I decided the table on the back deck was the perfect spot.

Things were going great, several silk cords done in silver and copper.  I was switching over to gold plated ends when…I dropped the open bag! And onto the deck, not on the table!

Here’s a close up of some of the jump rings.  Yes, I lost some between those gaps in the boards, and this is only a small part of what fell.

These are those same jump rings on the boards as the previous photo, along with the ones I had picked up before taking photos (no way was I going to put them back, even for a blog post)

I sure was glad to get them all picked up.  And when I was done, I decided it was an excellent time for a break, and lunch…

Looking at these photos again, I just realized how much the deck needs cleaning…sigh…

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