Tuesday 3 June 2014

Do You Love Pearls?

Well I do!  Almost as much as I love gemstones.  Actually, I would say that on most days it’s almost a dead heat as to which is in the lead.

I bring this up because I have been playing with Pearls lately (see StinkyDog Beads Challenge post last week), and because it’s still technically spring, and spring is bridal season which is….Pearls season.

And, one more reason:  A very generous artisan by the name of Michelle Buettner, an artisan who is an expert on pearls.  She is hosting a pearls challenge – To summarize, use any type of pearl and make whatever you want with them, not limited to jewellery.  See all the details here and come back on June 29th for the tour.

In the meantime, here are some pearly creations that will be posted to my store shortly (but won’t be part of the blog hop because they were done before the challenge started)

Ocean Dreams Earrings (Sold)

Natural White Freshwater Stick Pearls
With Coco Pukalet Beads

Golden Glow Bracelet
Swarovski Light Gold Pearls

Rose Kiss Earrings (Sold)
Freshwater Pearls dyed Light Rose