Saturday 29 March 2014

Stamping Spirit

The organizing jag continues.  I have lots of good intentions, just slow progress.   Today, I was organizing stamps, and had a pleasant surprise; the number and variety I’ve accumulated is more than I had thought!

I use stamps for metal clay texture and for etching regular metal.  When I started in these mediums I purchased discounted stamps and would alter them to apply my own interpretation of what they should look like.

Recently, I found a free download of instruction on creating my own stamps.  It turns out that the methods I was using to modify the purchased stamps are very similar to those used for creating a unique stamp.  Now I already know, I will be able to turn my own designs into stamps and increase my tools without higher costs.

So, the discovery with the pleasant surprise?  A stash of stamps I had purchased and squirreled away in an odd location.  What is it they say about out of sight?  Oh yes, out of mind!

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